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I've made a DVD!

This year's biggest blockbuster that you haven't heard of yet...

'Car Care for Learners' - The Best Way to Learn Basic Maintenance.

'So good, a BAFTA would be an insult'. May Dup - The Daily Deceiver.

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Save money on your car 15 ways to run your car for less
Is keeping your car on the road burning a hole in your pocket? Here are some ways to save money on running your car.
Buying car tyres Buying tyres
The tyre market has changed in recent years with the rise of internet based firms. Does it pay to shop around?
10 Ways to spot an accident damaged car How to spot accident damage
Buying a used car can be tricky. Here's some useful tips to help you avoid buying a banger.
5 MOT myths Five MOT myths
There's a few urban myths floating around when it comes to MOTs. Here's a few of them cleared up for good.
16 facts about Winter Tyres The facts about winter tyres
When the flip-flop weather disappears, should you be thinking about fitting your car with some winter boots?
15 Point MOT checklist 15 point MOT checklist
Over 20 percent of cars fail due to a dead bulb. Reduce the chances of an MOT failure with these 15 simple checks.
European car travel compulsory equipment requirements European compulsory kit list
Country by country guide to compulsory equipment you'll need when you're heading west.
PDF version | 1 page 0.9MB
Tyre knowledge Tyre knowledge
From size to speed rating, repairs to run flats, get to grips with everything you need to know about tyres.
Car air conditioning maintenance Air conditioning maintenance
If your air con smells like your sweaty gym socks or isn't blowing cold, a little TLC might be overdue.
How to jump start a car with jump packs How to jump start a car
Learn how to jump start with leads or jump packs. Also included are the top 6 causes of a flat battery.
How to check tyre tread depth How to check tyre tread depth
With 3 points on your licence and a fine per illegal tyre, make sure you stay legal on the road.
Car care made easy jargon buster Jargon buster
Don't know your airbags from your antifreeze? Take a browse through the Jargon Buster.
75 Point MOT checklist 75 point pre-MOT checklist
An exanded version of the 15 point pre MOT checklist. Here's 75 things to tick off if you want to be extra thorough!
Changing a car spare fuse with tweezers How to change a fuse
Find out how to remove a fuse and see if it's blown. Plus get to grips with all the different types of fuses.
How to check and top up your oil Check your oil
Love your engine? Then check your oil. What oil does, checking it, topping up and advice on what to buy is all covered here.
Winter car care equipment Car maintenance winter checklist
Get your car ship shape for the big freeze with the winter car maintenance checklist.
How to change a car wheel How to change a wheel
With the Great British Pothole an increasing feature on our landscape, knowing how to change a wheel may just come in handy!
10 regular car care checks Top 10 regular car care checks
Ten easy steps you can take to give your car a little TLC. Stay safe, save money and avoid breakdowns.
7525 easy car care tips 25 car care tips
Extracts from the hints & tips in my book, here are 25 little nuggets of useful information.
75 10 car care items to keep in the boot 10 things to keep in the boot
Things that are probably more useful to keep in the car than at the back of the garage.

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