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  10 things to keep in the boot of your car

Extracted from the hints & tips in my book, here are 25 little nuggets of useful information.

Top up oil. If you’re heading off on a long journey, you may just want to check your oil before the return leg. That bottle of top-up oil sitting on your garage shelf 400 miles away isn’t going to be much use.

Jump leads. Car batteries have a habit of failing with little warning, at other times you’ve just been a klutz and drained the battery by leaving the headlights on. Either way, having a decent set of jump leads to hand may just save your bacon. It also means you can come to the rescue of other stranded motorists like the good Samaritan you are.

Water bottle. .You’ll be glad of it if you get stranded in the desert, but it’ll be even more useful if you need to make an emergency coolant top up.

Spare bulb kit. A legal requirement in some European countries but useful where ever you are.

Warning triangle & high vis vests. Not a fashion accessory you’re likely to spot on a catwalk in Paris or Milan any time soon, but on a dark night these reflective friends might just prove substance is sometimes worth more than style.

Spare fuses. It might only be the cigarette lighter that’s stopped working but if you’re relying on your sat nav to get you places, you might just be glad of that little pack of fuses .

Ice scraper & de-icer. A seasonal requirement but if you’ve already got it for when the frost arrives you won’t be caught out. Keep the de-icer in the house; it’s not a lot of good having a can inside the car when your doors are frozen up.

Disposable gloves. Changing a wheel with a flat tyre, jumpstarting or even just checking your oil will get you covered in grime. Pack some gloves so you don’t transfer it all over the interior of the car.

Kitchen roll. In case you forgot to pack the disposable gloves.

Torch. To find the change your passengers have lost down the back of the seat.


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